FlexTPA simplifies complex group benefit administration. It facilitates cafeteria-style multi-product plans, streamlines member enrolments and engages clients with online notifications. For plan administrators/members it offers unmatched online access empowering them to self-manage their own data securely.

With this Next-Generation of Canadian Group Benefit Administration Software – It is now easier than ever before to deliver to your clients Better Service, Improved Efficiency and Greater Accuracy…

Better Service

FlexTPA empowers your staff to provide unparalleled customer service.

Everyone can feel confident utilizing our secured, online functions that serve to make data entry easier, enforce critical benefit underwriting rules and generate accurate employee benefit billing. Moreover, our Service Dashboard and On-line Notifications promote flawless and timely collaboration between plan administrators and your service team.  FlexTPA is all about leveraging your data and making connections with your customers.

Improved Efficiency

FlexTPA eliminates roadblocks that prevent your business from moving forward.

Group Benefits Administration is simple with our rapid plan design, on-boarding and renewal processes. Even Plan Administrators and Members have access to critical demographic and benefit information, meaning vital life event changes are performed faster than ever before. Moreover, FlexTPA integrates with insurance carriers and claims payers – eliminating the need for dual entry – while further enhancing service response times.

Greater Accuracy

FlexTPA enhances the precision with which your administration office operates.

Take advantage of our dynamic underwriting and group benefit administration rules that are immediately applied after any data changes. The software will even hold these modifications for review – and only after the expert approval of your service staff, will FlexTPA make these changes permanent. FlexTPA will calculate adjustments against even the most complex endorsements to ensure your Consolidated Benefit Billing Statements are always correct.

Group Administration

Your team is constantly caught in the storm of adding new groups and administering the complexities that their plan designs bring. Many Canadian Benefit Administrators perform group onboarding and renewals unsuccessfully as they are unable to effectively handle rate and coverage changes without exhaustive effort. Our software helps the TPA to bring order to chaos – we offer a bilingual benefit management solution to easily manage your benefit programs and drive administration efficiencies.

• Easily Set-Up Group Plans with Unlimited Benefit Types, Classes and Rates

• Effortlessly Enrol Members, Add-Terminate Benefits or Update Salaries en masse in either English or French

• Comprehensive Renewal Functionality allows for rapid Rate, Benefit and Class Updates

• Automatic Premium-Adjustment Calculations generated by Retro-Renewal Actions

• Advanced Document Management storing various documents at Group and Division layers

Member Administration

FlexTPA allows Plan Administrators and Members to access authorized information and functionality as determined by the TPA. With our pre-defined business rules, complex life event changes can now be undertaken by anyone. If our Group Benefits Software detects that an underwriting rule has been triggered – your service team will be notified on their personalized user dashboard and they can then determine the appropriate solution.

• Everyone from Administrators to Members can now be approved to perform new enrolments and changes

• Wizard-Driven Member Enrolment with Intelligent Benefit Selection

• Life-Event Changes, Member Termination and Transfers can be executed by any Authorized User

• Automatic Retro-Adjustments are calculated for New Enrolment and Member Changes

• Dashboard offering access to Notifications, Quick Search and other key data

• Access Forms for member enrolment, changes and general information tailored to group benefits plan

Security and Audit

FlexTPA provides a sophisticated security layer that permits you to customize access to all information and functions. Each user can be assigned to one of any number of roles, restricting access to system features, functions and views. You can rest assured knowing that our Audit Mechanism tracks all the pertinent details of any system changes, including the time, responsible user, change type and any affected data.

• Multiple Roles can be defined based on user type, organization and skill level

• System Permissions can be as open or restrictive as required

• Mass Password Generation and Management for Member Access

• Extensive Audit Tracking – Who, What and When for each addition or modification

• On-line Audit Log available to Authorized Users at all system levels

Financial Management

FlexTPA encourages sound financial processes throughout your organization, handling everything from Automatic Benefit Billing, right through to Carrier Remittances and Broker Commissions. Advanced reporting and analytics are offered to understand your business – eliminating the need to guess your potential costs and profitability.

• Generate Monthly Billing Statements Automatically

• On-Demand Next Month Billing Statement Review

• Billing Overview to Audit Variations between your Monthly Billings

• Determine Profitability by Group, Plan, Benefit and Carrier

• Provide Carriers and Brokers with Information on their Benefit Premiums and Commissions

• Member Payroll Contributions

• Group Taxable Benefits


FlexTPA allows you to exchange data with your various partners, such as your Clients, Carriers and Claim Payers. Streamline financial processes by generating feeds for Carrier Remittances and Financial Accounting. With a multitude of options available, FlexTPA is open and ready to facilitate your data exchange requirements that are critical to your success.

• Advanced Integration of plan member eligibility data for Claims Processing

• Generate Financial Accounting Feeds

• Generate Insurance Carrier Net Premium Feeds

• Upload Member Salaries Changes from MS-Excel

• Import Members with Mass Enrolment Tools